It has been a good evening 😀 Ruthie and I went to Outback to have some dead cow. It was legendary, although my steak was overcooked from what I asked. Nevertheless, it was quite yummy.

Right after work, I popped by Best Buy and got The Simpsons Game. It is absolutely awesome! It is tons better than the demo that I downloaded off of XBL. It has a better plot…it has a plot. It is more a platform game than anything, thus far. But, that’s cool–it has that Tomb Raider quality of where you have to flip switches and push buttons to activate things and open things up and progress through the game. Very good schtuff 😀

Ruthie and I played a bit of that in co-op whilst we handed out candy to the kiddos–ironically enough, dressed as Homer and Marge 😀 I should’ve taken pictures. D’OH!!!

I’m tired…I usually make it a point to read some Edgar Allan Poe on Halloween Eve, but I am dead tired. Although, I guess there’s no harm in falling asleep to it–though, I’m sure that might bring about some interesting dreams…perhaps I’ll read some of his poetry as opposed to a longer story.

So, countzero2k7 and rynnweber were kind enough to throw a Halloween Party. It was a movie costume party. A great time was certainly had by all, me thinks. My bro even popped around, who is visiting from the great cheese & beer land of Milwaukee.

I went as Commodore Norrington, my bro went as a Jedi (a French Jedi who ran away from the purge and was thus not killed by Darth Vader), and Ruthie went as Sarah from Labyrinth. Pics are totally up (give pics time to load–I’m merely serving them off cable interweb). The lady Sarah is quite lovely.

The pics…

The winner of best costume, yours truly, got a dinner for two at Outback and also the distinction of watching the movie whose character they were playing. Uber and eternal thanks to pktaxwench for letting me borrow Norrington. Perfect fit, pretty much, and it certainly wowed everyone 🙂

And now…for my next trick…SLEEP!

Well, that game was a lil more like it. lol. I’m thinking that this series is going to go 7 games, if only because they’re about to play 3 straight in Denver. I think it’ll be profoundly tough for the Sox to beat the Rockies in Coors, but we’ll see. I figured it’d be tough for the D’backs to beat the Cubs two times in Wrigley, but we all know how that shaped up. haha!

The bro is coming to town on this fine eve. w00t!

The Rockies are gettin’ rocked. It was quite the merry-go-round there for a lil while for the Sox. I really don’t care who wins…I just hope that it’s an interesting series–more-so than the NLDS for the Cubbies 😛

So, at DragonCon, Aaron Douglas (the Chief) and Jamie Bamber (Apollo) indicated that Galactica’s final season was going to be split in two 12 episode segments–the first 12 would be shown in ’08 and the last 12 would be shown in ’09.

I’m thinkin’ it kind of makes sense. There’s a writer’s strike that’s possible in November. Not only could this bode badly for the second half of the Galactica season, but also any mid-season shows that’re coming back like Lost & Jericho–really sucks, since I’ve gotten quite into Lost.

Anyhoo, it’s because of that strike that it all makes sense–and might even be good for Galactica, depending on how long the strike lasts…it’s better that it end with the original writers than some filler-in writers such as what you saw in the second season of ST:TNG 😛

…but, hopefully it won’t come to that, and Galactica will run its course in ’08 😛