Ugh. Weekend’s Over Already? :P

Seemed like a particularly short one this time around.

Saturday was full of volleyball goodness. It was quite fun. I was sore yesterday afternoon from it. I haven’t had the opportunity to play so much, but it really is one of my favorite sports to play 😀 Baseball being the first, of course.

Saturday night, Ruthie and I saw Shaun of the Dead and Flushed Away. Both are quite awesome; it was Ruthie’s first time seeing Shaun of the Dead and neither of us had seen Flushed Away. I really liked Flushed Away very much.

I loaded Linux on my Palm TX. It’s pretty interesting, although it does seem to reset at least a couple of settings that I’ve seen so far, namely date & time. WiFi and Bluetooth don’t work at this point, but it is kinda cool to play around with. It’s basically a dual boot-type setup. I can start Linux from Palm OS and then reset the device to get back into Palm OS.

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