This weekend, I have been witness to what has been a very exciting week in baseball for the Cubbies. At this moment, the Cubs are snockering the Pirates 8-0 and the Braves are whacking the Brewers 7-4. At the end of the day, the Cubs may be 3.5 games into 1st place with 6 games to go.

It’s rather perverse, they’re doing the chop in Wrigley.

So, I may as well say it now and jinx it so that I’ll be disappointed before the playoffs instead of 6 outs before the World Series…I think this is the year 🙂

Very nice weekend, besides all of this Cub goodness. Friday night, I played poker with a number of friends. I lost my shirt, but thankfully we were only playing for chips with nothing behind it.

Saturday was smashing, too, with a party that eve for Matt Pierce’s 30th birthday. Poor bastard, hitting 3 decades. The hippies can’t trust him anymore. Fortunately, I still have 1.25 years until I have to face that 😀

Fall hit early this morning 😀 I’m all about that; it will always be my most favorite season ever.

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