So, at DragonCon, Aaron Douglas (the Chief) and Jamie Bamber (Apollo) indicated that Galactica’s final season was going to be split in two 12 episode segments–the first 12 would be shown in ’08 and the last 12 would be shown in ’09.

I’m thinkin’ it kind of makes sense. There’s a writer’s strike that’s possible in November. Not only could this bode badly for the second half of the Galactica season, but also any mid-season shows that’re coming back like Lost & Jericho–really sucks, since I’ve gotten quite into Lost.

Anyhoo, it’s because of that strike that it all makes sense–and might even be good for Galactica, depending on how long the strike lasts…it’s better that it end with the original writers than some filler-in writers such as what you saw in the second season of ST:TNG 😛

…but, hopefully it won’t come to that, and Galactica will run its course in ’08 😛

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