Halloween Party

So, countzero2k7 and rynnweber were kind enough to throw a Halloween Party. It was a movie costume party. A great time was certainly had by all, me thinks. My bro even popped around, who is visiting from the great cheese & beer land of Milwaukee.

I went as Commodore Norrington, my bro went as a Jedi (a French Jedi who ran away from the purge and was thus not killed by Darth Vader), and Ruthie went as Sarah from Labyrinth. Pics are totally up (give pics time to load–I’m merely serving them off cable interweb). The lady Sarah is quite lovely.

The pics…

The winner of best costume, yours truly, got a dinner for two at Outback and also the distinction of watching the movie whose character they were playing. Uber and eternal thanks to pktaxwench for letting me borrow Norrington. Perfect fit, pretty much, and it certainly wowed everyone 🙂

And now…for my next trick…SLEEP!

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