Well, I’m quite ready for this week to end. It was one of those mornings where it would’ve been awesome to just keep laying there, vegging out. Boooooo!!! I’ll get over it 🙂

So, my DVR has been profoundly awesome, thus far 🙂 The only things I’m really pulling right now are Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, The Twilight Zone, MythBusters, Dirty Jobs and Robot Chicken. Atlantis is set, too, which comes back on Friday. It’s just so cool, watching TV at your convenience. You never have to worry about missing a thing anymore, unless the networks purposely run a show over schedule. Booooo!! Anyhoo, some say that DVRs hurt ratings…others say they don’t. I would tend to think that cable and satellite companies have the ability to monitor your watching habits, perhaps the networks have access to this. I really don’t know *shrugs* Hopefully, this won’t kill off shows I like–although I think the writer’s strike might do that just fine itself 😛

My bro’s in town again; he’s slowly making his way to Atlanta. He’s leaving Sunday, so it’ll be good to spend a bit of time with him. Tonight, we play more of The Simpsons Game! 🙂