Another weekend! Even though this is a purty light week, anyway. lol. Good to have, though…even better that Ruthie is getting back on Sunday. w00t! I do miss her uber fiercely.

So, I’m disassembling my desktop. I think I’m going to stick with a lappy. I’ll still have my server, of course…and I’ll probably get a controller card and put the hard drives into it. The only thing I’m using the desktop for, at this point, is Media Center stuff…but, I could do that with just the server. Since I’m gaming more on the 360, the desktop just seems an unnecessary waste of power.

The bro is coming back around for the weekend. Should be a hoot.

I’ve been playing Call of Duty, which I got for Christmas. Very good game. I had only played the first one up to this point, so it’s a pretty big jump. There’s a pretty good subplot to all of the downing of baddies–not really as “epic” in scale as Halo, but it’s decent.

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