So, I must be all ready for some Galactica, if I had a dream about it last night *taps foot impatiently* They’d best finish those last 7 episodes that they have yet to film 😛 The events in the dream were a bit weird. Somehow, they reached an armistice with the Cylons. Soon thereafter, Galactica arrived to an Earth in the distant future. The land masses were the same, but it was a planet that was mostly desert. I remember specifically seeing the great lakes–or what was left of them–they were very much diminished. The crew took a raptor down and landed around Chicago (go figure). They found artifacts buried in the sand.

Yesterday was quite awesome. Ruthie and I got our engagement photos taken 😀 I do hate smiling for photos–I’m bad at the fake smile, or at least I think I am 😛 Anyhoo, after that, we went for quite the lovely and awesome 4-ish mile walk on the Indian Creek Greenway. It was such a beautiful day yesterday, blue skies all-around and temperatures in the 60s. Perfect. So, then we met Matt & Rynn at Starbucks. I had a very tasty hot chocolate.

After that, we went to go visit little Hannah June Pierce, Matt & Oneida’s new little bundle. She was absolutely the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. Her fingers and toes were so very tiny. She’s something like 7lbs 9oz right now–I’m pretty sure that’s lighter when I was when I was born, and she’s about 2 weeks old now. Oneida’s a purty tiny lady, though, so it all seems quite proportional. Hopefully, she won’t be a burly lumberjack like her father is 🙂 hehe.

I gave up meat for Lent. It’s going well, so far. I’ve had salads, pasta, PB&J, grilled cheese. It’s not too tough to give it up from a fasting perspective. I do wonder, however, how much protein I should supplement my little temporary diet with–a protein bar a day? I certainly don’t want to make myself ill after 40 days. I only had one meal yesterday–personal pan pizza and salad for lunch, which seemed to hold me the rest of the day. The only other thing I had was a cheese stick in the evening. Lots of hydration in-between, of course.

It looks like the WGA strike might be over. They reached a tentative deal yesterday. Hopefully, that’ll mean we can get back to the business of finding out what the heck really is going on the island in Lost, what’s going to happen to the fine town of Jericho, and what Galactica finds when they get to Earth 🙂

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