…is it chilly in here or is it just me?

It’s finally another long weekend. w00t! This one should be a good one. Ruthie’s mom is in town. All the girls (Ruthie, her mom and my mom) had lunch yesterday. Who knows what a time they had, making fun of me 😉 hehe.

Today, all of us are going to the Space & Rocket Center. It should be a total hoot. I haven’t been there in a year or so. They’ve recently completed the Davidson Center for Space Exploration. It seems to be becoming the Apollo wing of the museum–it has the Saturn V that was once outside like a beached whale hanging from the ceiling. They’ve done a spectacular job of restoring, from what I’ve seen of it from a distance. I think they have a few other Apollo items there, as well, and are planning on moving in some more like the Apollo 16 command module and the lunar lander module.

After that, some LAN action 😀 My bro was going to come, but he’s having issues with Clear Channel and pay checks. They’d best stop trying to screw him, lest he take his mad leet production skills elsewhere 😛

I saw what might be the most beautiful picture of the ISS today from NASA’s site.

So, I’m sure everyone’s heard of the NIU shootings. Terrible tragedy.

Well, it turns out that his father, Robert Kazmierczak, was my dad’s best man.

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