I was totally taken by surprise today. I installed OS X Leopard on my MacBook Pro. It looks purty slick and everything. There are some pretty neat new features. It’s basically their answer to Vista…or perhaps Vista is the answer to Leopard *shrugs* Leopard was released a few months before Vista, so we’ll say that Vista is the answer to Leopard 😉

Anyway, I fired up WoW not too long ago. In IF, I was getting an average of 60ish FPS. In the Outlands, an average of 30FPS. After installing Leopard, I averaged 80FPS in IF and maxed out at 122FPS!! Geez, that’s fast! In OS X Tiger, I was getting pretty much the same framerates I had been getting in Vista. It doesn’t mean all that much, since the refresh rate is 60Hz…better to be over than under, though! And I also averaged somewhere between 57-60FPS in the Outlands…hehe…in Linux, I averaged 15FPS and in Vista about 20FPS.

Apple knows how to do it right…they make an OS more efficient rather than less 😉

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