So, I was reading today about the Large Binocular Telescope in AZ. It’s pretty frickin’ amazing. It’s essentially a gigantic pair of binoculars, obviously from the name. It has a primary mirror diameter of nearly 8.5 meters, and a focal ratio of F/1.142!! The light-gathering capabilities of this beastie are enough to make any self-respecting geek drool.

One of its first images were of NGC 2770, a galaxy that’s 102 million light years away from us.

Pretty frickin’ astounding. I wouldn’t mind turning this thing to Gliese 581, just to see exactly what I could see.

I handled a MacBook Air today. Pretty flimsy, if you ask me. I felt like I could easily break it. The MacBook Pro is, by far, more durable-feeling. I wouldn’t mind putting a solid state drive in my MBP, of course, as you can with the MacBook Air…but, it’ll probably be a good long while before you can find a 120GB SSD for under $1K 😛

It snowed! There was at least 1/4″ of snow (if even that much) on the ground as of this morning which, of course, disappeared by about 10am or so. They were their typical doom-and-gloom selves on the radio & tv in these parts, predicting 2″…which would, of course, thoroughly close the fine town of Huntsville for a week (I exaggerate, but not by much).

Tonight, Ruthie and I shall be playing a bit on a Wii that her neighbors have. It should be quite smashing–though, it’d never ever hope to replace my 360…video games are just so purty in 720p+ 🙂 Still, I think the Wii certainly has great fun value…you can’t find the likes of Mario Party in the XBox world.

Cubs won one today against AZ and also lost against Oakland in split-squad action. They are on WGN today and tomorrow. Finally, some baseball action…even if it’s not for real yet 😀

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