Geeky lil Christmas

So, I’ve put the Christmas decorations up. w00t! It didn’t take too terribly long. I guess I’m not that extravagant about it all. However, I do have exterior lighting.

I’ve set it up such that, to turn on the exterior lighting, all I need to do is push a button on a remote transmitter.

I know, I know…nothing earth-shattering. Done before. However, it was my first jaunt into Christmas geekery and I think it was quite smashing. I never thought turning Christmas lights on and off would be so fun 😉

I would say I MacGuyver’d it all, but all it took was a transmitter/receiver from Home Depot. About the most MacGuyver-ing that was necessary was figuring out all of the necessary cabling. Meh.

Anyhoo, no more cold feet from the brisk outside just to turn the dang lights off. This pleases me.

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