Insomnia has me by its death grips. I called the dentist the day before yesterday, telling them the pain was quite unbearable and that I’d be quite open to having this wisdom tooth yanked sooner if someone canceled an appointment between then and Monday. No one has canceled their teeth cleaning so that I might have sweet release 🙁

And now, my tooth keeps me up. I got 4 hours of sleep, and it looks like that’s all I’ll get tonight. I’ve done it all in the last 30 minutes: Advil, swirling salt water, orajel. Nothing doing, it still feels like the devil is using a blow torch on my tooth.

On the plus side, it’s Halloween, my favorite secular holiday of the year 😀 It was 70 years ago yesterday that the Mercury Theatre on the Air broadcast War of the Worlds. I’m listening to it right now. Back in the day, this kind of stuff was cutting-edge SciFi. It was their version of SciFi Friday 🙂 Amazing.

On their little weather forecast, mind you it’s fake but still certainly plausible, for NJ the high was 66F and the low was 44F. Nearly what it is for today (62F/44F). Pesky global warming 😉 lol.

So, my wisdom teeth are totally coming out. The only problem is that the next opening with the dentist to do such drastic action is on the 3rd :\ It’s going to be uber tough living until then :\ Tonight, in particular, I’m in a hugely large amount of pain. I can tell I’m punchy and grouchy and just as irritable as my gums are right now.


Argh, I hate the critters! I have one on the bottom left of my mouth which is irritating me. It sort of escalated overnight and robbed me of my sleep. It sucks! It makes me realize how babies feel when they’re teething. Hopefully, it will take nothing more than some pain killers and time…I really don’t want to have them removed if I don’t have to. But, if they don’t fit then there’s not much choice.

Fortunately, Ruthie recommended a really nice dentist. They have a spot at 4 tomorrow. I just need to make it until then :\ In the meantime, today is a catch up on sleep day. I don’t think a zombie programmer is generally a good one. haha.

An interesting thing about this particular wisdom tooth is its color. It’s a bit brownish, which is possibly connected to tetracycline use. I guess it really didn’t pay to have acne back in middle school. haha.

In brighter news, last weekend was wonderfully awesome. Ruthie and I went to her 10 year reunion in Louisville. The company was great, Ruthie looked smashing and she had some very interesting classmates. She didn’t get to see any of her closer friends, but she did get to see at least a few people she knew.

I saw Dawn of the Dead for the first time last night. Worst. Movie. Ever.

Obama to Plumber: My Plan Will ‘Spread the Wealth Around’

And I’m supposed to magically believe that this guy isn’t a Marxist? 😐

Also, there was an analysis of Obama’s Grandiose Tax Plan on WSJ:

Obama’s 95% Illusion

Essentially, it won’t just be those he defines as rich ($250K/yr+) who will be feeling the burn of less net money being brought home. The marginal tax rate is going to skyrocket for just the people he’s supposedly wanting to help, according to these numbers.

You don’t save an economy by punishing the rich–the ones who give people jobs. They will no longer have the incentive to give people jobs, they will pass the cost of those taxes on to the consumer in the form of higher prices for food and commodities. It’ll do exactly the opposite of what he supposedly intends for it to do.

But, when it all comes crumbling down, big government will be there with open arms, right?

And to think this movie was originally going to be released in December *kicks Paramount*

It’s kind of eerie, seeing Sylar with pointed ears 😉

And, of course, the rest of the bridge crew…

For all of those WoW geeks out there, I went to Karazhan for the second time last night. I didn’t get any purples. Booooo! However, it was still a fun experience and I did get some G out of the deal. We didn’t make it near as far as we did the first time, and wiped a number of other times. Fortunately, the guild bank is stoked and repairs were therefore very much diminished in price from what they would’ve been 🙂

I”ve been doing more dailies, of-late, than I had before. The desire to WoW seems to come in spurts for me. It’s certainly ramping up again, since we’re a mere month away from the release of the new expansion.

This weekend has been pretty okie. Ruthie has been away in Louisville to see the Ballet and her nephew 🙂 I think she’s uberly more excited about the latter than the former 😀 I can’t say I blame her. She’s been seeing him about once a month for the past few months…a great contrast to the once every three months before. I’m watching the pups. They’re very good dogs, although Higgins (the black pug) is a rather finicky eater.

I was a wee bit under the weather on Friday, but I think I’m better now. I had a game fest yesterday, besides WoW. I caught up on some Oblivion and played a bit of Lego Star Wars on the PS3.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull coees out on Tuesday! It wasn’t the worst Indy film, although wasn’t the best, either. It was above Temple of Doom, certainly. Still, I’m most certainly going to add it to the fledgling Blu-ray collection.

So, the Cubs have gotten to the playoffs and they start on that hopefully long road tonight 🙂 I had a hair-brained scheme in my mind to head up there today or tomorrow for the NLDS, but in the end those tix are ‘spensive and I think the World Series would be far better to financially prepare for 🙂 But, we’ll see…saving up for a couple things, and all.

Here’s a song by Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) titled “All the Way”.

This is totally the year 🙂 But, I felt that way in ’03 and it turned out to be just gas.