I married the most wonderful woman in the space-time continuum one year ago today 😀 One year and two hours, but who’s counting? 😉

It has been a wonderful year since. We celebrated our first anniversary with a little road trip to Santa Claus, IN. We went to a place called Holiday World. It was a pretty awesome place which reminded me a bit of Opryland. It’s a smaller park with nothing more than wooden roller coasters (actually, one was made of steel but still had merely straight dips and curves…no loops). They also had a pretty awesome water park integrated into it.

I definitely had a very wonderful time, and somehow kept the sun from pwning me. Vive le sunscreen! lol. It seems like I did get a little tan, though…maybe I’m not as white as a vampire anymore.

I got Ruthie a nice starfish holly double pendant from Swarovski, the same place I got her heart pendant wedding gift a year ago. She certainly seems to love the heck out of it 🙂

Unfortunately, while we were gone it seems the Cubbies started losing big to the Rockies. Meh. Same ol’. Maybe next year 😉 I do hope that stories of Joe Girardi possibly becoming manager next season are true. With the departure of Pinella at season’s end, obviously there are going to be changes of some kind. It’d be nice if those changes included Girardi; he’s been to the World Series and is a former Cub. Can’t go wrong there.