We moved at work to better digs at work. We consolidated all of the software people together into a room. The best part is that we all have our own cubicles. w00t. I’m definitely all about a little room to call my own. Before, there were 4 of us in one cube–a rather large one, but a cube nonetheless. I am now a citizen of Cubeville. Scary.

It’s really starting to cool down, not to mention that it’s getting darker earlier. I think fall is finally just about here. yee haw.

I’m headed to a new LAN on the 23rd. It looks like it’ll be quite rocking, especially since they’ll be playing the same games we play at the other LAN. I’m definitely all about some more LANed Battlefront; it’s a kewl enough game on the internet, but it just seems like it was made for LAN-ing. As with the Battlefield games, this one seems to have pretty good co-op action.

Anyhoo, other than that, nothing to really report from the front. Just chillin out, watchin some SG-1. Good stuff. I’m into season two right now. This is my first time seeing most of these episodes, and they are pretty darn awesome.

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