Turnin into a pumpkin..

..and it’s only the beginning of October 🙂

I don’t know what it is, but Friday nites are always the worst.. Of all the weekend, this is the nite in which I totally wanna do nothing but slack. I’m tired beyond all belief. I think I just stay up too late during the week playing Final Fantasy XI 🙂 Maybe I need to ditch the uber ultra nerdish ways and settle for a milder brand of dorkish. lol.

Enterprise premiered tonite; I have it burned on DVD. The second bout of Presidential debate is about to begin. This is one of those townhall-type settings. It should be interesting, I guess.. I don’t know.. I betcha it’ll just be the typical–both sides slammin the hell outta each other; the press will call it a draw. Beh. So predictable.

Anyhoo, off to go watch and stuff.. Then maybe get to Level 15 before total exhaustion collapse 😉

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