*gurgle, gurgle*

My tummy is so spinning out of control right now. I woke up with the most terrible cramps. They’ve subsided a little bit, after being awake for a while. Still, it feels like there’s a boxing match going on in my stomach–and I’m not sure who’s winning. I had some McDonald’s yesterday for the first time in months.. And perhaps the last time in years–like mwshook once told me.. It’s definitely pure poison. Argh.. This is worse than spilling hot coffee on my lap. I wonder if I could cash in even more? *grins devilishly*

It’s one of those days where I probably shouldn’t have crawled out of bed, and not just because of the tummy. It’s kinda dreary today, with no sun in sight. Somehow, I think the sun would’ve been better for me. lol.

A lil LAN action going on this weekend, but there’s also Astronomy Day going on. I’m probably going to split LAN action time for that–there’re going to be a number of festivities going on up on Monte Santo (an observatory/planetarium is up on this mountain, for those of you unfamiliar with Huntsville). I might even haul my telescope along.. I haven’t stargazed up there in ages 🙁

SG-1 season 7 came out yesterday. w00t. I’m going to start looking on eBay for it, because I’m sure there were actually copies out on eBay before yesterday. lol. I have a feeling that SG-1 might be one of those shows that lasts 9 seasons or more, like The X-Files. Even if it doesn’t, there’s always Atlantis.

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