Gettin my nerd on, as always.

I was feeling a lil sick at around the end of the week but, after plenty of sleep and rest, I think I’m totally kewl again. I hope. I don’t think I had anything major; I was exhausted, for the most part. Sleep is definitely a good cure for such things, of course 🙂

On the road to recovery, I got a laptop 🙂 I decided to forgo the 6 month wait and go for one. It’s quite the uber spiffy lil machine. The biggest deal is that it’s an Athlon 64–you don’t find many laptops like that *drool* When I was shopping around for it they were quite rare, indeed. It has a rather kewl feature that it clocks down when you’re not using a lot of resources; it’s something that I hadn’t seen in my own machines but only heard of. It’s quite niffty. The best part is that it’s an uber enough machine that, if I were too lazy to lug the laptop, I could bring it out for some LAN action.

It’s been a nice lil gray October day all day.. I don’t think it ever got above 55; I so love this time of year 🙂

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