They Don’t Trick-or-Treat Anymore :-(

WOO HOO!!! It’s Halloween. That frickin’ rocks. Maybe it’s a southern bible belt thing, but they don’t trick-or-treat down here when Halloween is on a Sunday–they do it on a Saturday. When I lived in Chicago it didn’t seem like we ever skipped out on that stuff just because it was on a Sunday. I figure that it’s all in good fun, and has no real demonic meaning behind it.. So, let the kids have fun–whether it be on a Monday or a Sunday.

I’m watching Clash of the Titans with my dad right now. It’s one of those fun movies from the late 70s. The storyline is somewhat trite, and the soundtrack is clearly of the 70s, but it’s one of those stories that grows on you–maybe it’s because I remember watching it as a kid. It’s kind of the same thing with The Martian Chronicles (Rock Hudson, late 70s).

Star Trek Season Two and SG:1 Season Seven are out on DVD. Geepers, I’m starting to fall behind on those releases 😉 Actually, the later I wait, the better the deals I get on eBay for them. There’s really no use in buying it for $100-125 retail when I could get it at $65-75 overstock. Thank goodness for eBay; it makes Trekkies happy 🙂

The election is Tuesday. I just want it all to be over, no matter which way it goes. There’s this small period every four years where the country goes crazy over ideology and the cable news networks can do nothing but watch shady polls all day. The only polls that matter are the ones at the end of Tuesday. Personally, I wouldn’t mind party deadlock in the House and Senate.. That would keep government out of our frickin hair and pocket books–sometimes the government goes too far. They’re not the answer to everything.

LAN next weekend *gurgles happily* It’s a bit of a birthday party this time around for one of them. No new games have really come out since.. I’m still waiting for someone to come out with a good multiplayer co-op mod for Doom 3. It better be frickin soon–too lazy to code one myself 🙂 Although I certainly wouldn’t mind coding a few mods for Half Life 2.

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