Peaceful Bubble

So, I was in a news bubble from late sunday to early this morning. I really didn’t wanna experience the BS of all the media during the election. I wanted to vote and get it over with; I didn’t wanna hear any propaganda BS from the democrats or the republicans. It was pretty darn awesome.. I was in quite the happy place, not worrying about polls or political meandering through the real numbers.

President Bush actually won the popular vote this time around (51% or by around 3M votes) and, according to his unbiased campaign workers *snicker*, he may have won 286 electoral votes–to be decided, of course. Either way, right now he has 269 which is enough for a tie. If it ends at a tie, the vote will go to the House of Representatives.

I’m just glad it’s frickin over, that we most likely won’t have to wait and wait for recounts. It looks like the election was fairly decisive at this point.

Anyhoo, off to do the work thing.

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