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I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for the past few nights. It is such a frelling awesome game. I only play for about an hour or so a night. I’ve gone up at least a level every night since Friday, and I’m up to Level 7. My character is a Human Mage. It looks like you can have a number of characters for free, so I might start someone else of a warrior class or something. This game is a whole different world from EverQuest or Final Fantasy XI–in this game it’s not just a matter of going around killing big huge rats or wolves, but major leveling comes from all of the quests that you take on. If I go about an hour every night like I have, I will be level 30 by the middle of next month. I’m in no hurry, especially because I don’t want this game to burnout quickly. It takes moderation–and Half-Life: 2 in-between 🙂

So, just about every night for a while in some capacity, I’ve been in a place called the Vortex. It’s nothing but an AIM/Yahoo chat room that was initially spawned by pktaxwench and continued by just about all of us. I got a webcam, mostly at the behest of altafass, since she had one and couldn’t see me. Since then, we have brought video and audio to our Vortex. It’s good to have the Vortex in the 21st Century 🙂

I’m glad this week is almost over. Because of the kewlness of the Vortex and World of Warcraft, I have only gotten 6 hours of sleep every night this week. I can get pretty cranky if I don’t get my full 8, so it’s quite fortunate for those around me that they still live 😉 I got a nap yesterday evening, but naps never really do it for me. I go to sleep for about 20 minutes and almost always wake up with a headache. Argh.

Anyhoo, off to do some of the work thing.

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