Where the Frell is my Strong Bad Email? :-P

Yesterday was just your typical blah Monday, but I think it ended really, really well. Not only did it end in the Vortex, but I actually avoided playing WoW for one night. lol.

I can’t believe it’s the 25th of January already. Wowsers. Before I know it, it’s going to be February and stuff. This year is totally flying by.

Nothing much else going on, really. I’ve pretty much finished rebuilding my laptop; how exciting. hehe. I put XP Pro on it because the limited abilities of XP Home was getting kind of old.

I saw a trailer for The Ring 2 the other day. Not only does it look freaky, but it also looks quite disturbing–perhaps even moreso than the first. I don’t even remember why I saw the first; it was a rather trite story with rather shallow characters and a pretty predictable end.

Penny keeps eyeing my empty cereal bowl–she’s been licking it a couple times over the last couple of weeks and, after she’s finished licking, she usually throws up because of that little intolerance of milk that cats have. What a dingbat 😛 Better go put this away before she makes with the puking thing again.

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