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So this week was pretty interesting.

On Monday, I got the bike.. The Trek 6500. Front-suspension, v-brakes, very kewl shifters (one for up and one for down on each side). It was a very nice ride right-off. They fitted me on a 21.5″ bike which was pretty funny because the first time I got on it, it felt like I was getting on a horse.

On Wednesday, Ruthie and I went riding on a path down Old Madison Pike. I had been on the trail a few times before, but only walking. This time, on a bike, the path seemed much shorter–even given that it was extended fairly recently. It was also my third time on the bike. The path begins at the Pike and ends at a subdivision. The road into the subdivision is inclined–I’m guessing about 20%, but that’s just a number I’m pulling out of my arse. On some egging from Ruthie, I decided to go up the hill and shoot back down it. I just barely got to the top of the hill without getting off the bike. After a moment’s respite at the top, I began the trek downward. I began pedaling, just to gain a bit more momentum. Before I knew it, it felt like the rear of the bike exploded on me.. I was still coasting downhill, but I noticed when I pedaled, there was no resistance. After getting halfway down the hill, I finally got off the bike to find the derailleur sheared away from the frame. I really don’t know what happened, but it looked like the chain was toast. Perhaps the assembly (or the chain) took a hit–either that, or I don’t know my own strength 😉

Anyhoo, I took the bike in Thursday and it was ready Friday. That was definitely a hugely uber awesome thing, because I figured it might’ve been out of commission for a week or something. I took the bike out again yesterday morning with Chris on the same trail with more happy results.

I started a new MMORPG this week called Guild Wars. It’s a very awesome game, and it might even persuade me to ditch World of Warcraft. I know of a few people playing, so I could go either solo or party if I wanted to–it looks like this game could be good in either case. Your powers, spells and items aren’t given to you based on level, but based on merit–if you have enough gold, then you can have the same weapons as a level 1 as you do as a level 20. Training is the name of this game, and level is only a secondary means of gauging a player’s abilities. Level 20 is the max level, but that is the point where the game presumably really begins–everything up to that point is basically playing on training wheels 🙂

And the best part is that this MMO is free–after you buy it for $50, of course; no montly fees whatsoever. I think that alone can get a bunch of my RPG buds to switch, not to mention the awesomeness of gameplay.

Right now I’m chillin’ at the parents’. My brother and I got mom some Begonias yesterday for Mother’s Day. She seems to like them, but I hope that rabbits don’t start munching on them. We saw the Cubbies finally break a 7 game losing streak. Poor Cubbies. Something tells me it’s going to be another tough year for them. Watching The Phantom Menace at the moment.. Episode III is right around the corner *wipes the geek drool*

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