Everyone’s Finished Gettin’ Educated

This is the week of graduations; congrats to Matt & Ruthie who are graduating this week. It was a long journey for both of them. Matt’s off to Jacksonville for Residency and Ruthie’s sticking around here to work for NASA–I so proud of both of them 🙂 My bro graduates in August–soon enough, I suppose. One long summer semester.

It’s been a really nice end of the weekend. There was a good bit of rain around here yesterday, but it subsided fairly quickly and manifested itself into a bright and sunny Sunday. I was going to go riding yesterday, but the rain got in the way. Perhaps I will tomorrow.

My brother’s home from Chicago today. He spent a week there visiting cohorts and continuing his attempts to get a job at WGN Radio. Unfortunately, the Cubs weren’t there while he was. Ironically enough, his flight there and home went through D.C., and the Cubbies were playing the Nationals. He didn’t have any time to stop by for a hot dog, though.

I’m downloading a WWI mod to Battlefield 1942 called Battlefield 1918. It should be interesting. Of all mods to that game, though, nothing beats Desert Combat; there’s just something awesome about piloting an Apache.

I got the 1st season of Enterprise in the mail yesterday and swung by the office at the apartment to pick it up today. Despite its cancellation, it really turned out to be a great series; like every Star Trek before it, the show didn’t really fire up until 3rd season. Unfortunately, I think prevailing politics at UPN in conjunction with failing ratings took it down. If it’s the end of Trek, it’s alright–it’s had a good run. There must have been something redeeming about Star Trek, if it’s gone 700 episodes ever since The Cage.

I’ve had mixed feelings about the Enterprise finale. It was an Enterprise episode in the context of a TNG episode. I think in many ways, it detracts from what this series was; the discovery of what’s out there. Everything in this series was supposed to be viewed through the eyes of relative n00bs in interstellar space. I think that, while the show strayed beyond this much of the time, it should have ended in that context–that, and I think they should have shown Archer’s frakking speech during the Federation Charter signing 😛

Even with its demise, there’s still plenty of Sci-Fi out there. SG-1 will probably go a season or two more, and there’s Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. I think that Sci-Fi on network television may be seeing its last days, though. Sci-Fi has a very core audience, which is certainly smaller than most other types of programming. Network television seems to excel at sitcoms and, more recently, reality television. In the end, this seems to be the developing niche for network television. Everything beyond, I think, will end up on the cable networks.

Episode III comes out this week!! Some friends of mine and my bro are going to go on Wednesday night at 12:01. This is going to be frelling awesome. I’m going to take a nap pretty much from the time I get home to about 10, I guess. I’ve been spoiled by the script, but I still can’t wait to see it all go down.

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