Well, after the weekend, I think I’ve finally caught up on sleep I missed after the mid-week Star Wars excitement. I saw it again yesterday morning with Ruthie and a few of her kewlish friends, and it certainly did not lose any of its awesomeness the second time around. Windu’s death was, by far, the most disturbing of all of the Jedi deaths. I did get a little misty-eyed when Order 66 was carried out and so many Jedi were gunned down by the Clones.

I read an interesting article on the Injuries of Darth Vader. It looks like much of the content was updated for Ep III. It basically postulates exactly what his injuries were that made him have to don the big bad suit, and why he died at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Cubs actually gasp won against the White Sox today. They’re sure having their ups and downs this season, but so it is with every other team. They’re not the worst, but they’re not in first–typical.

I cancelled WoW Friday, in favor of Guild Wars. I get pretty much everything I get in WoW with Guild Wars, and a few friends are even playing. Right now, I’m a Level 7 Elemental/Ranger and I just got some very smashing armor. I still can’t believe it’s free to play.

I’m watching Journey to the Center of the Earth right now. It’s been years since I have seen it. They cleaned it up quite nicely for DVD. I think my favorite part, by far, is when they’re attacked by the gigantic iguanas 🙂

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