I’ve found the Holy Grail, or at least I feel like I have. I have been tinkering with it on-and-off for years, but I have finally gotten WiFi working under Linux!! w00t!! This is just so frickin cool that it’s unbelievable. Interesting thing, though.. WPA is only supported with major config file tweaking. This isn’t so bad, I guess. It might be one of those things where I downgrade to WEP and settle with it for now *eyes WEP suspiciously* Oh, this is a major geek day, indeed.

In other news..

It’s been rather dreary in the skies around here, mainly because of Dennis. I don’t know when/if the rain will arrive here. I’m assuming the hurricane will thrust north inland and then head east. The big stuff might miss us altogether, I don’t know. I’m glad that Dennis didn’t visit the beach last week while we were there.

Cubbies are on a little winning streak after being on a 7 game losing streak. This is just going to be another flat year, I think.

Went to a little soda fountain place called Payne’s in Scottsboro yesterday. It was so cool. They make Coke there. They pour in the syrup and then pour in the seltzer. They had an awesome turkey sandwhich, too. Scottsboro, at least the downtown portion, is chillingly like a town I saw in a Twilight Zone episode–the one where William Shatner stars; his character and his wife stop off in a little cafe in a town where they end up sitting at a table where a fortune-telling napkin holder tells them what is to come. It was quite strange.

Anyhoo, off to play with Linux some more *drool*

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