So a horse walks into a bar..

Well, ok. I don’t really have a punchline for that one 🙂 But, if anyone does, let me know. hehe.

Chillin’ at the ‘rentals, watching the Cubbies take on the Pirates. Cubbies have won 6/7 this week. They’re back up to .500, so maybe they’ll start to take off–if they don’t, then alas the season is lost. Cry in your beer.

I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night, which was uberly entertaining. Johnny Depp played a very smashing Wonka, the Oompa Loompas weren’t quite as chilling as they were in the original (thank goodness), and their musical numbers were equally cheesy, though not quite as acid trippy 🙂 The end was also very awesome; definitely better than the ending of the original. I saw a trailer the for Corpse Bride, which looks like a very interesting flick–it’s almost as if Tim Burton is going back to his roots.

I also saw War of the Worlds again with my brother in the afternoon. Frickin awesome movie 🙂

It hasn’t been too hot around here this weekend. Today it’s around 84, although there’s an uber good bit of humidity–feels like 92. Hurricane Dennis didn’t leave much in the way of super nasty weather, just a lot of rain.

I went to the Huntsville Museum of Art with Ruthie and a couple of other NASA people. I literally haven’t been there in years, and I think it’s been a couple since I went to Big Spring Park. Thing’s have really changed around there. They’re starting to build like crazy. Maybe the town has finally woken up from it’s stagnant slumber (ppppppfffffttt.. yea, right)

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