So, I’m sitting here watching the Cubs smear the snot out of the Marlins.. And they couldn’t have played this way the rest of the season? 😉 It’s a pretty awesome game going on; it began with Ryne Sandberg’s number being retired–it now has a home on the foul pole at Wrigley. Cubbies are beating the heck out of the Marlins 6-3 in the Bot 7th. Zambrano gave up the 3, but the offense has been supercharged today. It all began with a homer from Derek Lee. He be da man.

The Jedi costume is really coming along. Ruthie has finished the shoulder armor, and I think she said she was going to start on the tunic today. It’s definitely going to be very Anakin-like. The only thing I’m really missing is some boots, which I eBayed on Friday. I hope they get here by Thursday.

It’s been pretty cool around here. Right now it’s 86. Maybe those triple digits are gone for the season. One can only hope. Katrina might be obliterating New Orleans quite soon :\ Who on earth decided to put a city below sea-level? I hope that there aren’t any huge casualties to speak of, and that everyone remains safe and sound.

I tried some of the hottest wings I’ve ever had yesterday; I went to Buffalo Wild Wings here in Huntsville. It took ice cream from TCBY to finally cool me down after 10 “Blazin'” wings. I may have finally found my match in wings. I think that, from now on, I’ll stay on the level of “Wild” below that.

DragonCon starts Friday! w00t!! 🙂

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So, I’ve gotten started on gathering materials for a Jedi costume for D*C 🙂 It’s going to so rock. This has become one of my favorite times of the year, for sure. I get to go to a convention which is populated by fellow geeks, and I get to see some old friends that I only get to see once or twice a year. Good times, good times 🙂

The fabric for the outfit was suspiciously easy in getting. I’m looking for some leather or vinyl for the shoulder armor–Michaels might possibly have such things.. I got the fabric at Hancock Fabric, but they didn’t have leather of the right color; they only had red or black and not the dark brown that I wanted. If any of you costume-makers out there have any other suggestions for possible fabric places to try, I’m certainly all-ears 🙂

The only problem might be the boots; where on earth does one get boots like that? I’ve seen on some SW forums that riding boots might do it–perhaps I just need to go into a boots store and ask, “Do you guys carry Jedi boots?” lol.

Anyhoo, this should be the most spiffy Jedi outfit. It’ll slightly resemble that of Anakin’s, only perhaps a couple of shades lighter. I’ll probably get a lightsaber at D*C–and I guess I’ll also need a holster for it. So much still to do.

In other news, today is Friday. Very w00t 🙂 It’s been a long week, but that’s always the case after a kick ass vacation.

I’m going to the zoo today for the first time in over a decade. Lincoln Park Zoo is pretty awesome, at least from what I remember of it. Not only do they have the monkeys, the pandas and the penguins, but also farm animals. It’s the midwest; you can’t go 10 miles without seeing a farm animal. lol.

Anyhoo, I think that’s about all that’s going on today–although we may stop at the Field Museum or something like that. The Field Museum, to me, isn’t as kewl as the Museum of Science & Industry. Things don’t change there, as much–you have dinosaurs instead of all of that state-of-the-art-geek-paradise stuff 🙂

Yesterday, we went to MSI and also Navy Pier. Navy Pier is always a must to visit; it’s definitely a good place to hang out. MSI had a really kewl exhibit about the human body. Basically, they had human bodies on display in various forms. Most of them were partial skeletons, illustrating the circulatory, nervous and musculature systems. They even had pregnant women on display. Either way, It’s a pretty interesting way to donate your body to science when ya don’t need it anymore.

In the evening, we took a Ghost Tour of Chicago. They told all kinds of stories, from back when Chicago settlers in Ft. Dearborn were massacred to Resurrection Mary. And they took us around to all the places where the people in the stories died.

Cubbies lost 8-3 yesterday. It wasn’t so bad up until the 9th inning. They fell behind 4-3 in the 8th. Then, the pitching totally collapsed and the Reds ran away with it. Bleh *goes off to cry in his beer*

Thunderstorms all over the place this morning. I hope the game won’t get delayed for too long, if at all.

Other than that, it was a night of Superdawg! They have the most kewl hot dogs & burgers I’ve ever had. Their fries are to die for. It’s definitely a place worth stopping at if ever you’re in Chitown.

Anyhoo, today is more of the same.. Cubs/Reds/some dinner-type place. Baseball heaven 😀

So the next couple of days, we’re going to be seeing the Cubbies lose–I mean play. It should be a h00t. They’ve been losing their butts over the last couple of weeks, but no big.. I’ve seen the Cubbies lose before. The life of the Cubs fan is definitely the life of the loser 😉

Today the game is at 1:20 and it’s on WGN. I don’t believe the game is on anything but local Chicago TV tomorrow *kicks stupid local Chicago TV*

Walked around Chicago most of the day yesterday. We tried to go to MSI in the afternoon yesterday–never try to get into MSI in the afternoon. The line to get in is longer than most lines at Disney World. We’re probably going again Thursday morning.

Anyhoo, we definitely got the exercise–it almost felt like we walked from one end of downtown to the other. It was saweet 🙂

The Discovery landed safe & sound at Edwards AFB. w00t!!

Back in the hometown again. I can’t wait to have some pizza. lol. Tonight, we are going to a resturaunt that is either owned or just has the name of Ron Santo (Cubs player from the days of yore).

Long day of travel. Lots of stops along the way–accidents and such.. Rush hour in downtown was suspiciously light–I would’ve figured heavier.. In all, it took about 13 hours to get here after starting out at 4:30am.

Even if they’re kinda sucking it, I can’t wait to see the Cubbies.

Pictures will definitely come soon.

So at frickin 1am this morning, I wake up to a gigantic thud. It wasn’t the sound of me rolling off the bed, but of something hitting the wall. I almost thought Penny, being her doofus little self, was rough-housing a little too much.

But then I hear yelling coming from the apartment below. Really loud yelling. Bleh. I guess the neighbor downstairs and his significant other were duking it out over something.

I stayed up a little while and fooled around in Linux for a bit. I guess the yelling must’ve lasted 30-45 minutes before finally cooling down. I was about to take pktaxwench‘s advice and call the cops, but the gf finally left–or someone left because I heard the outer door slam and all got quiet.

This wasn’t quite as bad as when the uberly fat neighbors upstairs at my old place almost busted down my door all because they were too big to squeeze in their car that they parked next to my roommate’s truck–so close that you could barely fit a piece of paper between the two vehicles. We didn’t know who it was at the door, so we didn’t answer and the banging got louder and louder. Now that was crazy-go-nuts.

Not a frickin’ good night. But, at least I’ll probably sleep like a baby tonight.