Oh, alright.. I give in to the trend :)

LJ Interests meme results

  1. athlon:
    A very horsey processor. All of my computers have Athlons.
  2. cats:
    Penny, the cat. What can I say about her? She rules, when she’s not nipping at my heels. Will she ever grow out of that?
  3. dvds:
    A good Saturday night fix. Theatres are way to frakking expensive.
  4. hiking:
    Have to keep in shape.
  5. jack black:
    Tenacious D is the shizzle
  6. movies:
    There’s so much I still need to see–most of which I’ll wait until DVD 🙂
  7. rain:
    Nothing like a nice afternoon of soft rain.
  8. star trek:
    I think in a previous life, I was a red shirt.
  9. tenacious d:
    ..As I said before.. 🙂
  10. tmbg:
    Thanks to mwshook back in the day, this awesome group graces a rather large part of my music library.

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