Oh, I so love this time of year. This is, by far, the best secular holiday ever invented. I was quite lazy in that I didn’t carve a pumpkin. But, I’ll probably hand out candy to the kiddies–maybe even as a Jedi. Either way, I’m going to probably read some Poe before the end of the night, in traditional fashion.

I deployed an app at work on Friday. I stayed 2.5 hours late because of it. Maybe I’ll make up for it with an early Friday this week 🙂 Now I just have to wait for any bug reports to roll in *shudder*

The weekend was quite spiffy and awesome. Ruthie and I are WoWing hardcore and have gotten to be Level 7 Gnome Mages. I’m also just a hair under Level 24 for my Human Mage.

The LAN was pretty awesome, although no one really dressed up except for Meacham in his Darth Vader outfit. We played some Battlefield 2, UT2004 and Half-Life 2 Deathmatch. Ruthie even came around and WoWed with her undead character a bit 🙂

I got Age of Empires III this weekend, but I might take it back. It’s a fun game, and all, but no fun if I’m not playin’ with the bro. I might see if he wants to get it before I do take it back, though. We had some network trouble over the weekend, trying to play Call of Duty between here and there–I think it might be on his end, because I have all the right ports open on my side *le sigh* If I do take AOE back, I’ll probably use it to credit an Oblivion purchase. If that game’s anywhere near the kewlness of Morrowind, then I’m going to be lost in WoW and Oblivion 🙂

The White House has a new nominee for the Supreme Court. I really don’t know much about Samuel Alito at this point. The media was so concentrated on a couple of potential women nominees that this seems out of left field to me *shrugs* It just shows how much people need to listen to the 24/7 cable news speculations *flips from Fox News to watch some SciFi* 🙂

Well, kinda. DSL is now up and going at Ruthie’s place. She had been in the dredges of dialup, not a good place for an aspiring Level 6 Undead 🙂 It looks like she had a pretty okie throughput of 1.2Mb, with an upload cap of 256Kb. Not too bad; I think that’s about the rate my cable was at when I first got it. I think DSL can be quicker than that, but I’m not sure where she is relative to the nearest DSL station. Now I have to get her an 802.11g router 😀

My bro has a Clear Channel email address now. It certainly beats the geepers out of a Cumulus one 😀 Apparently, he’s all unpacked and Milwaukee is treating him well. Just as we had the traditional Zaxday on Friday (Zaxby’s is a local chicken place we always went to on Friday to celebrate the kewlness that is Friday), he has Potday–Potbelly’s Sandwich Works is something he was introduced to in Chicago. They have the most awesome subs ever. It looks like the lil guy is having some fun up there.

LAN party tomorrow.. It’s a costume one.. I’m still pondering on whether to go as a Jedi or SG character. Perhaps I’ll flip a coin tomorrow or something.

Friday! w00t!

So, I’ve been chillin most of the weekend. Literally. I wasn’t feelin’ all that well on Friday, which fortunately turned out to be the peak of my bad feeling. Congestion really ruined my sleep on Thursday night, as it usually does. It doesn’t seem as though anything serious is going down.

I saw Serenity this week. It really was an awesome movie; I still haven’t seen all of Firefly yet, and now I’m definitely motivated to finish it. Before that, I saw Corpse Bride. Stylistically, it reminded me a bit of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was an entertaining movie, but I felt like I had seen it already–in every other Burton film that came before it.

I forgot why I even left World of Warcraft. Oh, yea.. The $14.99/mo. Well, in the end, I think that the $14.99 is worth it; it’s a very awesome game and it has so much more in comparison to Guild Wars. Guild Wars might be a good one to revisit one day, though.

The White Sox are on the verge of winning the ALCS. I don’t necessarily have my hopes up, because we all remember what happened in 2003. Blah. I do hope that they make it, though. Maybe it’ll make up for 1917 in some way.

There’s a lunar eclipse on the 17th (tomorrow). I think that, being in Central Time, I won’t be able to see all that much of it. People out west will be able to see it, though–or else they can sleep in like wussies 😛

So I had a really odd dream last night. I don’t know how I got there, but I was in Iraq. I wasn’t entrenched in battle with terrorists or anything, but it seemed like I just got there. I was at the Baghdad Airport. In the dream, I think I mistakenly took that as part of the Green Zone. Of course, I think that the Green Zone encompasses the general area around government buildings and doesn’t even come close to encompassing the airport.

Anyway, I was riding with someone in a Hummer (a real one, not the yuppie gas guzzler). We rode past some airplanes, civilian and military. The airport seemed as if it was bustling with activity of both. I think I found it perplexing that I was there because I asked what my rank was..

..but just before he could answer, the clock radio went off. Blah.

So, I got an iBook late last week; I traded in the Athlon 64 laptop and my old iBook G3 for an iBook G4. There’s just something about the Mac that’s cool–plus it’s really unique.. Oh, and plus it’s a *nix platform (w00t!!). Anyhoo, this iBook is basically 2x the first iBook that I had. There’re so many more things this lil bugger can do. In the end, I think Mac OS X is better than Linux because of its wider support for hardware–obviously, since hardware varies little from Apple-to-Apple. If there’s a viable alternative to Windows out there, I think it’s more Mac OS than anything. Anyhoo, this thing plays UT2004 and World of Warcraft like a dream, even compared to the Athlon 64.

So, yea. I’ve gotten back into World of Warcraft again. Ruthie is probably going to join me, along with garibaldicu later next month. We’ll more than likely be on Kel’Thuzad, and I’m sure I might continue my character on Feathermoon. Anyhoo, like I said, this little iBook handles WoW quite well–almost as well as my desktop which, ironically enough, has 4x the VRAM.

This weekend was chocked full of moving. My brother is now settled in a new apartment in Milwaukee. I forgot to bring my camera up there, so I have no pics of it *le sigh* I will have to certainly get some at a later date. It’s a really nice one. It’s your typical apartment for up there; an older one, so it has no central heating system. So, it has a radiator attached to the wall, just above the floorboards. It also has an airconditioner in the window. Hopefully, it won’t get too torturous for him in the summer and stuff. His job at WISN is going quite smashing, as well 🙂 He’s certainly enjoying it more than that crappy ass Cumulus. Note: If ever you want a radio job, do not, under any circumstance, take one with Cumulus radio. They stink 😛

TGS!! (in color. w00t!)

So, Chicago might actually make it to the World Series 🙂

I’m in Elizabethtown, KY right now. We’re on the way back to Milwaukee to drop off the rest of Keith’s stuff. SO tired :-\ Off to sleep. Go Sox.