So, I got an iBook late last week; I traded in the Athlon 64 laptop and my old iBook G3 for an iBook G4. There’s just something about the Mac that’s cool–plus it’s really unique.. Oh, and plus it’s a *nix platform (w00t!!). Anyhoo, this iBook is basically 2x the first iBook that I had. There’re so many more things this lil bugger can do. In the end, I think Mac OS X is better than Linux because of its wider support for hardware–obviously, since hardware varies little from Apple-to-Apple. If there’s a viable alternative to Windows out there, I think it’s more Mac OS than anything. Anyhoo, this thing plays UT2004 and World of Warcraft like a dream, even compared to the Athlon 64.

So, yea. I’ve gotten back into World of Warcraft again. Ruthie is probably going to join me, along with garibaldicu later next month. We’ll more than likely be on Kel’Thuzad, and I’m sure I might continue my character on Feathermoon. Anyhoo, like I said, this little iBook handles WoW quite well–almost as well as my desktop which, ironically enough, has 4x the VRAM.

This weekend was chocked full of moving. My brother is now settled in a new apartment in Milwaukee. I forgot to bring my camera up there, so I have no pics of it *le sigh* I will have to certainly get some at a later date. It’s a really nice one. It’s your typical apartment for up there; an older one, so it has no central heating system. So, it has a radiator attached to the wall, just above the floorboards. It also has an airconditioner in the window. Hopefully, it won’t get too torturous for him in the summer and stuff. His job at WISN is going quite smashing, as well 🙂 He’s certainly enjoying it more than that crappy ass Cumulus. Note: If ever you want a radio job, do not, under any circumstance, take one with Cumulus radio. They stink 😛

TGS!! (in color. w00t!)