Well, kinda. DSL is now up and going at Ruthie’s place. She had been in the dredges of dialup, not a good place for an aspiring Level 6 Undead 🙂 It looks like she had a pretty okie throughput of 1.2Mb, with an upload cap of 256Kb. Not too bad; I think that’s about the rate my cable was at when I first got it. I think DSL can be quicker than that, but I’m not sure where she is relative to the nearest DSL station. Now I have to get her an 802.11g router 😀

My bro has a Clear Channel email address now. It certainly beats the geepers out of a Cumulus one 😀 Apparently, he’s all unpacked and Milwaukee is treating him well. Just as we had the traditional Zaxday on Friday (Zaxby’s is a local chicken place we always went to on Friday to celebrate the kewlness that is Friday), he has Potday–Potbelly’s Sandwich Works is something he was introduced to in Chicago. They have the most awesome subs ever. It looks like the lil guy is having some fun up there.

LAN party tomorrow.. It’s a costume one.. I’m still pondering on whether to go as a Jedi or SG character. Perhaps I’ll flip a coin tomorrow or something.

Friday! w00t!