So the weather icon on my sys tray says it’s 74 degrees, and yet I feel chilly *kicks worthless weather icon*

Today is very Friday-like, for tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. I think I need a good morning where I can sleep in. Sadly, as I get older, sleeping in seems to be 8 or 9. Ahhh, I remember the days when sleeping in meant 11 or 12 🙂

I think they’ve changed LJ a bit. Or maybe it’s just me. The textbox for the journal entry side scrolls. Usually my browser’s size is somewhere in the 800×600 range–maybe I’ll switch to one of those LJ clients 😛

I had a dream last night that I was running. I wasn’t running from anything, I was just running–I don’t think it was around the complex, but in some town or neighborhood. I think I need a good run 🙂

So, Keith sent me pix of Wrigley as it is today. I never thought I’d see the day where it was being torn down–unless they won a World Series (HAHAHA). I hope they get the bleacher expansion and such done before opening day. I could just imagine some big freakish blizzard sweeping into Chicago, delaying completion.

Wrigley 1
Wrigley 2
Wrigley 3
Wrigley 4

Anyhoo, nothing much else going down this week. I’m doing the gaming thing tonight–maybe even late tonight, since I don’t have to work tomorrow 🙂 Actually, I’m sure everyone else probably will have to get up in the morning.. That’s how it always is; I’m always off when everyone else isn’t. lol.

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