Some people watch baseball only during the playoffs.. I, on the other hand, watch football only during the playoffs (hell, many times I really don’t even know who’s in the playoffs, except for the teams I’m watching–and yes, I’m too lazy to go to to check it out). Such things are a supposed travesty here in the South, if you ask any Alabama or Auburn football fan–it’s a hallowed sport to them. I really don’t know why; it’s just a sport 😛 To me, playing sports is much more fun than rooting for a college team whose college I never attended–UAH has a hockey team and a few other teams, but hockey is pretty much their biggest sport.

Anyhoo, tonight shall be one of those nights where I do watch a game. Da Bears are taking on the Panthers on this fine eve, and I think I shall give it a gander. I think I’ll probably watch it in-between all of the laundering I must do.

Battlestar Galactica was frakking awesome on Friday night. I can’t believe how fast they killed off Cain. Hers was a character that would’ve made for an interesting dynamic; the scrapping of the civilian ships and subsequent treatment of their crews will, I’m sure, be cause for a lot of tension between the Galactica and Pegasus crews. One thing’s for sure, though…Lee had a very nice front-row seat to the battle 🙂 I might have to get the boxset of the original Galactica to see how closely this resembles what happened in that series. I’m pretty sure that there was tension between Cain and Adama, but I don’t think it was anything like this.

I had a very odd dream last night, but I forgot what it was. I knew I should’ve written it down *sigh* Ahhh, well. Off to Mass.

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