Totally Frakked Up

Europeans.. Pffft..

Now, I’m not necessarily a fan of Microsoft’s business practices, but the fact that Europe asked for it and got it just boggles my mind. Where is the control going to be? It’s going to be with those that buy the source code. Beyond the fact that people could clone the OS, this could open up huge security holes the likes of which have never been seen before. Those who buy the source code might have the potential to not only hang M$ by the short hairs, but also do some very destructive things to computers far and wide.

It’s one thing where Linux, the “galliant steed” of the OSS world has its internal workings on the public domain. I certainly believe a lot less people gun for Linux machines than they do Windows. People without a fortune always tend to hate those with money. I fear that, if this means full disclosure of all source code, that it could have the potential to turn into very bad things for end-users and system admins alike.

Ooooh, I hope this isn’t going where I think it’s going :-\ If it is, our jorbs are certainly going to be cut out for us.

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