Galactica Goodness

Well, it’s getting a little better 🙂 It was a filler episode, but it was nicely done.

I can’t believe Kat died before Hot Dog…I thought for sure it was going to be the other way around! All-in-all, I think the episode was good. I wonder how many thousands they lost through the radiation field.

I thought it was interesting, and somewhat late, that they gave Kat a bit of a backstory right before killing her off. It makes sense, though; her death was her redemption for all of that which happened before she was CAG. I don’t know what the heck was up with that resurrection kick that Xena Cylon has. I thought it was definitely the perfect out for Baltar, so to speak. If he were human, then he’d no longer be captive to the Cylon’s whims. If he were Cylon, then he’d just resurrect somewhere and go from there.

Anyhoo, purty good episode. Matt & rynnweber were over to watch. My dad even made a guest appearance at my pad, and got to see the TV for the first time. We flipped it to NBC HD for a few. It looked pretty darn spiffy, and you could definitely tell a difference between NBC HD and SciFi (in SD). It’s like night and day. High Definition is, to us, what color was to my dad’s generation back in the early 60s. It’s just the most amazing thing. Of course, 20-40 years from now, we’ll probably all be marvelling at some sort of holographic 3D display 😀 Full circle.

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