Ruthie and I just watched The Da Vinci Code. It was quite the intriguing story. It reminded me a bit of National Treasure in a few ways, namely how the story takes pieces of history and puts them together into one big nearly believable story. Those types of historical fiction are appealing to me more and more.

I could see where the much of the controversy lies, although Ruthie has said that there was much more in the book that went way beyond. I might read it one day. First, though, I need to see if I can power read through Eragon before the movie’s released 🙂 Anyhoo, I wouldn’t brand the author or anyone who watches it a heretic. It’s merely a movie, after all…a work of fiction. There are those who argue that for every work of fiction, there are facts intertwined. Certainly the case here but, in the context of the events of the story itself being fiction with the intertwining of various facts and theories, it just amounts to an intriguing story.

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