Galactica Dreamin’ (I promise, no spoilers, just a nice entertaining dream)

I had a really weird dream last night that the Galactica of old met the Galactica of new. It began out in a big nebula full of a bunch of newborn stars & planets. The Galactica (new) ran into some Cylon (old) ships. There was a battle, and they were able to defeat the Cylons with no real big problems at all. They moved on from there to explore the nebula a bit, to see if there was anything useful there. Eventually, they find a Viper that’s been tailing them. It looks like a Viper, but has some very stark differences. They get a voice comm asking for permission to land. The Viper touches down, and Apollo goes out to meet whomever is flying.

So, Apollo meets Apollo. Apollo (old) tells them of his Galactica, and they all decide to meet up–better to have two Battlestars than one. So, there’s a duplicate of nearly every crew member. Lorne Greene is dead, and I think I realized this while I was dreaming it, so it turned out that he was long since dead from some Cylon attack. So, every duplicate crew member got together to compare notes, so to speak. The funniest one was Starbuck; I don’t know why but they were both amputees, having lost the exact same appendages. The only duplicate I don’t remember seeing was one for Helo (makes sense, since there was no Helo in the original, of course)…oh, and the Chief, Cally, Tory, Anders, Zarek, Cottle and all of those peoples who weren’t in the original.

It was a very entertaining, and actually quite coherent dream–which is interesting, given that most of my dreams that I remember are full of disjointed plots & seemingly disparate events. lol.

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