Burned in Atlanta

So, my folks and I went to a Cubs/Braves game in Atlanta this weekend. The game was alright, though the poor Cubbies got smacked 9-5. It was fun, anyway, especially since there were a great number of Cubs fans there.

After the game, we started back to the hotel–we actually left early in the 8th, so that we’d miss some of the traffic. We were able to park just outside of Turner Field. It was a real rip-off, IMHO, for $30. The bigger rip-off was how some glass ripped off the tire on the way out–fragments of a beer bottle were apparently in our path. When we got to the road, people were pointing out we had a leak. You could hear the air, screaming to get out of the tire.

For an hour-and-a-half, we waited for traffic to die down and for the Atlanta police to open the road back up so that AAA could finally get there. In the meantime, some of the parking attendants helped to put a spare on. I think we finally got back to the hotel shortly after midnight.

Now, I guess we have to get a new tire. Fat chance in the South on a Sunday, even if it is Atlanta. I’m pessimistic about the chances 😛

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