Razor was absolutely and astoundingly wonderful. The story was awesomely done, a good telling of the story of the Pegasus, from the time of the attacks to when Apollo took command.

The really big and funny surprise was when the old centurions were piloting old-style Cylon raiders. The story didn’t make me like Cain any better–if anything, even less. Kendra Shaw was nothing but a pawn for her in the end, I think.

What the hybrid said to her, before she set off the nuke, sets up a lot for the coming 4th season–I think there will be a lot of animosity towards Starbuck when she rejoins the fleet from wherever she was.

SciFi actually showed Razor in HD; I was pleasantly surprised. It was preceded by Pirates of the Carribean, also in HD. Hopefully, that’ll be the dawn of some HD SciFi content. I’ve heard that Atlantis is in HD, but I guess I’ll see in the coming week. They’re showing some old 3rd season Galactica in HD now. This is certainly encouraging.

Anyhoo, after Razor we all stayed up a bit to watch a couple of movies…Spiderman and Sleepy Hollow on TNT in HD. It was good to chill with my brother all afternoon and evening, before the big send off back to Milwaukee one last time…he’s coming back in half a week, on the way to Atlanta…

…and now, for my next trick…sleeeeeeeeep!!!

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