Tin Man

So far, it’s a very cool re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz. It’s more of a parallel kind of interpretation. You have the basic journey there. She’s not trying to find her way home, but trying to find her mother. She was pulled away, more accurately thrown into a tornado. Her “parents” were actually from the O.Z., and they turn out to be robots. Already, the story is quite different from the original ’39 musical. The city where the Wizard resides reminds me of the city of Rapture in the game Bioshock. It’s very anachronistic, with elements that appear to be from the 30s–even automobiles.

The allusion to the original is quite cool. References back to that are fairly subtle. All of the characters are in the story, though each has their own chief differences. The Tin Man, himself, is actually human. “Tin Man” is the name for cops in the O.Z. He’s seemingly very cold, hence his lack of heart. Glitch is the new interpretation of the Scarecrow–brainless, of course. The lion is the same, though he seems to have more guts than the original.

Great story, so far. Thank goodness for DVRs, lest I would’ve missed it 😀 I’ll be continuing it next week with everyone.

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