Ugh! Earness

So, I have some kind of ear infection thing going on, me thinks. I don’t know. I’m headed to the doc later this morning to get it checked out. It feels like there’s cotton in my ear whenever I lay on my right side for an extended period. It almost feels the way my ears felt whenever I was on a family trip and needed to use ear plugs to keep my folks’ snoring at a tolerable noise level. lol. They were the silicon jobs that you put over the opening. When I took them out in the morning, my ears would still feel plugged 😐 It makes me wonder if some of that gunk ever got in here… 😐

If not, if that’s just dire pondering, then perhaps it’s just a crazy little ear infection. It seems like whatever it is that’s causing it started about a week or so ago. It only happens when I lay on my right side for a time. Maybe I should lay on my right side when I am given a room at her office. lol.

Compound this with having awakened at 3am because of it, and I am not one happy camper this morning 😐

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