So, is anyone really all in dire straights about this writer’s strike? It seems that the very idea of it hurts a lot less than it did the last time, back in the late 80s. An end to this strike doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. Talks broke down last week, the writer’s are staunch in their position–which is certainly understandable. Internet profits are certainly an untapped resource. Their work is deserving of due compensation, and they aren’t being duly compensated in this arena at this point.

Nevertheless, it’s not the end of the world. I’ll be slightly disappointed that I won’t get to see more Lost for a while, or that the end of Galactica might not happen, or that I won’t see the possible end to Jericho for the next good bit. The disappointment is much slighter these days, though.

TV is not the most important thing on the list right now, nor are movies. The Internet is full of distraction, books are more important to me than when I was as young as I was during the writer’s strike of the 80s.

And the TV studios have it even better…reality shows.

On a brighter note, I’ve gotten Call of Duty to run under Wine in Linux 😀 This makes me happy…it’s my favorite game to play on ye olde computer with the bro.

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