I Am Legend

Very good stuff. I highly recommend it. The story stuck to the plot of the novel fairly well, save for a couple of key points. It was, by far, much better than The Omega Man. As far as reimaginings go, it was definitely better than Planet of the Apes (the Tim Burton version).

It has its sad moments, and certainly a couple of startling ones, but I would say it’s pretty tame–unfortunately, your loved one will probably not jump in your lap for this one. lol.

Will Smith is just plain awesome. He seems to be a big fan of scifi, for all of the movies in the genre he does. He’s pretty versatile, though.

I had an odd dream last night, but I pretty much forgot what it was as I was waking up. I guess it wasn’t too terribly odd, if I forgot it so easily. lol.

Last day of work until after Christmas. w00t!

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