So, I’ve been in Louisville for the past few days. I’ve been visiting Ruthie and her family–her whole family 🙂 The whole shebang. They’re pretty awesome folks. They certainly made me feel quite welcome. I’m sad to leave; I won’t see Ruthie for another week *sniffle* This makes me quite glum. My phone is dead, too, which makes it even worse because I can’t text her–I had forgotten my AC adapter. D’OH!!!

Anyhoo, Louisville is quite the awesome lil town. It’s almost a mini Chicago in a way–there’s a whole bunch to do here, certainly more than you’d ever hope to find in the rinky-dink lil town that Huntsville is. Very nice part of the country, wonderful town. We went to an art museum the other day which was quite fabulous. They have a Rembrandt here that they’re quite proud of. I think I’ve discovered over the years that I prefer paintings, landscapes at that. They had a number of beautiful such oil paintings there that were quite smashing.

Yesterday, we went to a glass blowing place, which was awesome. I made a really awesome cobalt blue ornament. I think I shall give it to my mom–it’s reminiscent of the days when I was young and I came back home saying “look what I made for you, mom!” lol!

I’m recompiling VLC as we speak–I had trouble with it this morning. Booooo! I hope I can get it going whilst on airport wireless, lest I won’t be able to watch my episodes of Heroes in-flight. D’OH!!! I hate when things break in Linux. hehe.

Anyway, tonight I shall find out whether my fam is going to Atlanta or sticking around Alabama–it all depends on whether or not my bro’s furniture gets into his place or not. He’s lived there about three weeks now, with nothing but an aero-bed. BOOOOOOO!!! I know he found his new apartment before all of that insane midwest weather. They’d best take something off the top for him 😛

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