Alas, another year of DragonCon has come to an abrupt end *sigh* It was quite the blast this year; I think it was way more fun than last year, which is saying a whole bunch because I thought it was just stellar last year–but, then again, last year was my n00b year.

I’m already suffering from D*C deprivation. I went to sleep a little early on the last evening there but after everyone came back from their last round in the Hyatt we all stayed up until about 4:30 or so. It was definitely quite awesome. I’ll have to buy my membership for next year the second they become available online.

The panels were awesome this year, although I only really went to two last year. This year I hit a Farscape panel, the “Space” panel (which included scientists/engineers from NASA and the like), and I also went to the Klingon Beauty Pageant. There was this one Klingon whose name was Phoenix (perhaps spelled differently) who should have been the winner–she sang a song called “Bat’leth”, a really kewl variation on “Time Warp” (Rocky Horror Picture Show).

I hung out in the gaming room a little while on the last night–perhaps it’s something I might be interested in for next year *shrugs* Perhaps Pete could teach me the jist of Heroclix or other such kewl games.

Anyhoo, I’m so very very sad that D*C is done for the year. It was very uber kewl seeing everyone again. Some of them, I’m sure I’ll see in Colorado when I go out there for New Years. Still, there’s something just awesome about hanging out with all of them in the costumes 🙂

Pics on the site:

DragonCon 2004 – Day 1 (9/3/2004)
DragonCon 2004 – Day 2 (9/4/2004)
DragonCon 2004 – Day 3 (9/5/2004)