SO, this class I’m taking for work is finally over today. Only downside is that I have to take a test before I’m totally finished. I think the only thing I miss about school is actually the learning part and not the test part 🙂 You have to get an 80% or higher to pass this test, so I guess that’s what gets me nervous the most. You get to take it again a little while after if you don’t pass (after a short review). The test is on Unix, so I’m not all that concerned that I don’t know the material; I was just never an uber good test taker. Ahhh, well. I’m sure it’ll be all good. I’m so knowledgable in Unix that I truly could be an administrator. Oh, for the power of root *drool* lol.

Have a little bit of a sore throat this morning–I actually woke up during the night with it. I hate when that happens; sore throats are usually so annoying to me that I have a hard time falling asleep again when I catch myself with one. I need to go to the pharmacy and get some lozenges; I absolutely hate that spray stuff.

Tomorrow is another LAN! 🙂 Happy times. w00t. There haven’t been many new games released since the last one–except for Battlefront. I think that we’ll most likely play that one at the next LAN. Of course, even now that we’re graduated, some people are still squeemish about buying the grossly overpriced computer games. Gee, I wonder why? Hmmm… *COUGHGAMESARENTWORTH50BUCKSNOMATTERHOWAWESOMETHEYARECOUGH* On the plus side, I’m selling an old video card today–perhaps I shall get the new game with the moola. w00t, indeed.