Took a test today in that class. There are two that you have to take to get certification. Thankfully, I passed 🙂 From the looks of things, though, it looks like about half the class failed :\ Definitely no fun, but they do get to have one do-over. Hopefully, I won’t have to do that the next time around, either. I’m definitely relieved. Maybe now I’ll get a lil sleep. Between the tropical storm and this frickin test, I need to get some Zs.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow came out today. I think this will most likely be the final gasp of summer cinema for this year. The only thing I’m really looking forward to beyond that is Episode III. There might be other kewl lil flicks in-between, but dang it.. I wanna see Vader!! lol. Anyhoo, I’ll hopefully see Sky Captain this weekend.

The storms are gone–I actually saw very large patches of blue sky this morning. It’s clouding up again, but at least I won’t be constantly wet now 🙂 Between coming back from class last nite and going out to get food after the power went out, I was a wet dog for at least an hour. I don’t like tropical storms.