So, it looks like Ivan is going to sweep across the greater portion of the surface area of Alabama. This most certainly disturbs me greatly; hurrcanes die without their fuel very quickly (e.g. the warmth and moisture from an unsuspecting ocean). Nevertheless, it will be dying while directly overhead :-\ Mind you, by the time it gets to us it’ll more than likely be category 1 or a tropical storm. Still, it might get kinda hairy with flooding and tornadoes. To all of my Bama peeps, be very very damn careful. If you’re not, then I know you have an ass and you know that I know how to kick it 😀

On the plus side, Ivan brought a very very pretty medium rare sunset last nite:

I’m taking a class for work that is absolutely exhausting. I have to take a frickin 30 hour (or seems like it) nap every time I get home. Maybe I’m gettin’ too old to get my learn on in lectures 😉 lol. Actually, strangely enough, it’s kinda kewl to be studying again *pokes head in the sand* The class itself is only mundane because people in there aren’t of comparable saaviness that I am–unlike the way it was with all my CS courses back in college. It definitely makes things very mundane and unsatisfying.. Although, I must say I’m re-learning some very awesome things about RSA and PKI. Encryption is one of my favorite subjects 🙂 I’m also learning some kewl things about the router that I never knew before, specifically about Cisco routers.

Big Spring Jam looks as though it will be alright. As usual, most of the bands are has-beens or never-was. About the only bands I might be remotely interested in seeing would be Live, Jewel, and maybe some Switchfoot. George Clinton might be interesting, too 😀 If any of you have heard his music, lemme know what calibur he is. I think I heard a little in mwshook‘s big bubba truck while we were going somewhere.