*Nibble, Nibble*

So, Penny just decided to start to make a meal of my foot; without provocation, she jumped on her hind legs at the couch and proceeded to nibble the top of my foot.. Now that’s most certainly smarts.. She seemed quite adamant about it.. Perhaps I should sleep with one eye open as Keith may be right; she will claw my eyes out in my sleep.

This week went by so uber fast that I truly can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday.. Today went a lil slow because I woke up at 4 and couldn’t fall back asleep. It was definitely no so cool. It was about as uncool as the Astros AND the Cardinals making it to the NLCS 😛

I’m pondering getting another laptop, but I probably won’t actually do it for another 6 months or so.. The laptop I have now will do quite fine until then.. But, I think this time I wanna get a Winders box.. My iBook has been quite awesome, and I can’t complain about its performance.. Still, it kinda sucks to have duplicate versions of the same software for the differing platforms.. that and I could totally bring it to a LAN if I were lazy 😀 I’m planning on getting an Athlon 64 of some kind–whatever may be fashionable in 6 months.

So tired.. Must sleep..

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